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Builders Bricks is an established company with a factory situated north of Pretoria at Klerksoord next to the R566 Rosslyn. 

We’ve grown from a single plant in 2004 manufacturing cementstocks, maxi bricks, Interlocking and Bevel paving as well as hollow block bricks to its current leading manufacturing.

We supply quality bricks at affordable prices to enable you to build the structure of your choice knowing that we care about you as a customer.

Builders Bricks offers a wide range of product lines. Which meet the demands set by various role players within the building industry, with an output of 160 000 cement stocks / 80 000 maxis per day.

All our products are only released for delivery after passing various quality tests during which the measurements as well as the strength of the bricks is tested. Our bricks are dimensionally accurate, strong, and of consistent colour. All products currently conform to the specifications set out in SANS 1215 and SANS 1058 to ensure we supply products of a high standard.

Builders Bricks makes use of their own transport, we can ship 120 000 bricks and ensure deliveries within 48 hours from order being placed and payment confirmed. With a wide fleet range of 26 trucks, we can supply any given project big or small. We supply a wide variety of bricks as well as all required aggregates for all your building needs.

We are able to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your specific building requirements. We are passionate about welcoming new challenges, feedback and growth. We continuously strive to improve our level of service to our customers at all times.